Atlanta Hawks Notes, Quotes 

Atlanta Hawks Notes, Quotes

Hawks forward Josh Childress had something else in mind when he talked about wanting to experience the NBA playoffs. But until the Hawks reach that level, he'll have to settle for summer work like the kind he got when he worked as a special guest reporter for NBA TV during Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center.

"Hopefully, I won't be available this time next year," Childress said. "We need to be playing this time next year. As much fun as it should be working on the other side, somebody else can have this job next year."
Last year Hawks coach Mike Woodson escorted rookies Childress and Josh Smith to playoff games so they could witness the increased levels of intensity and pressure in person. This summer, he doesn't have to prod. Because a month after their season ended, the Hawks have yet to truly embrace the offseason.

Smith eyeballed the playoffs up close during the first round as a sideline reporter for NBA TV during the New Jersey-Indiana series. And both Al Harrington and Salim Stoudamire took in playoff games in Los Angeles -- Lakers-Suns and Clippers-Nuggets -- from the stands as opposed to watching them from a recliner or a beach chair.

"When you feel like you were as close as we were, it's hard to stay away," said Harrington, a co-captain for the 26-56 Hawks this season and a free agent this summer.

"This is what we do, not just during the season but all year long. If guys aren't already into their summer routine, they're probably getting ready to start. And that's the only way to make it to the playoffs. You have to start preparing for [the next season] today."

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