Can you feel the draft? 

Can you feel the draft?

You know me and my love for the triumvirate, golf, football and track and field, not necessarily in that order.

With that as our basis, they might want to consider changing April to Ron's Month. Of course, there's the Masters, and then on the final weekend in April the Penn Relays. The annual NFL draft shares that late April spotlight with track and field.

This won't be the most talented draft we've ever seen, but it might turn out to the most interesting. What's going to make it perhaps even fascinating is the unprecedented free agent activity since the year rolled over into 2006.

Here's what could unfold No.1 to No. 32 in the first round.

1. Texans Is there anything more certain in sports than Houston nabbing Reggie Bush No. 1 I'm still mystified however, that absolutely no one sees the USC star as the next Steve Smith.

2. Saints They got their man in QB Drew Brees, and to balance the scale they could go after N.C. State defensive end Mario Williams.

3. Titans I think it would be a monumental upset in draft history, if Tennessee doesn't choose quarterback Matt Leinart.

4. Jets They could fill a need at every position. They can't miss if they go for Virginia offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

5. Packers Everybody says the Pack is in love with Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk, and he'll be the fifth player taken by Green Bay.

6. 49ers Lowly San Francisco needs more help than the Jets and they'll start rebuilding with Maryland tight end Vernon Davis.

7. Raiders Oakland will be thrilled if Texas quarterback Vincent Young is still on the board.

8. Bills Oregon defensive tackle Haloti Ngata could be great. Not good, great! He's a human wall.

9. Lions Although I'm sure Matt Millen has his heart set on a wide receiver, look for Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler to be the Lions quarterback of the future

10. Cardinals Denny Green has plenty of individual talent. Offensive tackle Winston Justice from USC will allow Arizona to inch closer to contending.

11. Rams The best defensive back in the draft is Texas's Michael Huff and he'll be a star in St. Louis.

12. Browns Tamba Hali, Penn State defensive end could become immediate star of front line.

13. Ravens The biggest acquisition for GM Ozzie Newsome would be Tennessee QB Steve McNair but they could also acquire Miami offensive tackle Eric Winston.

14. Eagles Philadelphia, desperate for wide receiver help, will go for Florida's Chad Jackson from Birmingham. This guy actually did little last season but did have a mind-blowing Combine.

15. Broncos Received Falcons pick here; could go for FSU defensive tackle Broderick Bunkley, the man Atlanta liked.

16. Dolphins Cornerback Jimmy Williams of Virginia Tech. Look at the range on this guy 6-foot-3, almost 220 pounds with great speed.

17. Vikings Ernie Sims of Florida State could be second outside linebacker to go after Hawk.

18. Cowboys Could use top-rated offensive guard Davin Joseph of Oklahoma.

19. Chargers Jonathon Joseph (no relation) of South Carolina will be first of three consecutive DBs selected from the state.

20. Chiefs Kansas City will be thrilled with Clemson cornerback Tye Hill who has speed to burn.

21. Patriots - Pats remain consistent with another obscure but productive choice in South Carolina safety Ko Simpson.

22. Broncos - Someone wrote that Denver doesn't have any major needs. As the church lady would say, ?Isn't that special.? Broncs could choose Tennessee safety Jason Allen.

23. Bucs - They have several needs but if they go for Auburn offensive tackle Marcus MacNeil, Chris Sims and Cadillac Williams will improve exponentially.

24. Bengals - I find it hard to believe he'll fall this far but if he does, the Bengals can't fail to pick Boston College defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, my early choice as defensive rookie of the year.

25. Giants - Thought they had Keyshawn Johnson but he went after the bigger paycheck with the Panthers. They'll surely choose a receiver or a defensive back.

26. Bears Without a doubt, Chicago still have enormous questions at quarterback. Taking a wide receiver like Santonio Holmes from Ohio State, could improve the situation.

27. Panthers They're expected to latch on to FSU defensive back Antonio Cromartie, who is coming off a season which he did not play because of injury. He could be to the defense what DeShaun Foster has been to the offense - sometimes sensational - sometimes unavailable.

28 Jaguars - Jack Del Rio and his Jacksonville team only have six picks. They need offensive line help but could zero in on Georgia tight end Leonard Pope.

29. Broncos - With a second first-round pick, Denver is said to have its focus on N.C. State's other defensive lineman Manny Lawson.

30. Colts - The position they must solidify is running back since the defection of Edgerrin James, and they could have their choice of LSU's Joseph Addai, Minnesota's Laurence Maroney or Memphis great DeAngelo Williams. Something tells me they like Maroney.

31. Seahawks - Seattle got go to the Super Bowl and may go all the way if they find a defensive back near the end of the first round.

32. Steelers - They say that LenDale White is dropping faster than Dick Cheney's approval rating and he may be available to the Steelers. Willie Parker and White in the same backfield sounds formidable.

The Washington Redskins, sometimes known as the N.Y. Yankees for their penchant in buying all available talent, don't have a pick in the first round but they did go out and get Brandon Lloyd, an excellent wide receiver from the 49ers, who hasn't however, played to his potential.

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